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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
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About us

Smiles make the bureau. So we hire for culture, personality, variety and an endles desire to keep on improving

Digital is eating the world; starting with your own idea has never been easier, but growing your startup into a sustainable business with revenue is harder than ever before. Corporates slowly die while startups are knocking on their doors and need to innovate rapidly in order to survive. At We Are Off The Record we help companies to gain traction and sustainable growth. We strongly believe in creativity blended with technology that’s backed by data.

Our clients vary from (international) startups, scale-ups and corporates like ING, Philips and Unilever. It's our mission to help our clients with the sustainable growth of their business, businesses that are profitable and stand out from the noise in the digital jungle. We work together with our clients and aren't simply for hire. We choose our clients wisely, but if we do, we will give our best for as long as possible. 

Our team

The people @ the agency

Bas Prass
Founder & CEO
Dusty van Steekelenburg
Managing Partner
Laurens Jansen
Growth Marketer
Annelijn Vernooij
Product & Growth Marketer
Yuliya Levkovets
Growth Analist
Bart van der Velden
Growth & Innovation Consultant
Tim Mallant
Growth & Performance Marketer
Randy Wattilete
Growth Marketer
Els Remijnse
Innovation Consultant
Remco Bos

The Office

We Are Off The Record HQ

Keizersgracht 268, Amsterdam