Senior Performance Marketer

Job description

About us:

Digital is eating the world; starting with your own idea has never been easier, but growing your startup into a sustainable business is harder than ever before. Corporates slowly die while startups are knocking on their doors and need to innovate rapidly in order to survive.

At Off The Record we recognize these challenges and help companies with business model innovation, paving the road to traction and long-term sustainable growth. We strongly believe in creativity blended with technology backed by data, obviously.

Our clients range from the coolest scale-ups in town such as Storytel, felyx and Scribbr to global multinationals like Philips and Nestlé. It's our mission to help our clients with a sustainable growth path for them to stand out from the noise in the digital jungle.

We work together with our clients and aren't simply for hire. We choose our clients wisely and look for mutual core values: humble, hustle & honest.

Off The Record - a label for growth, is a digital growth bureau in the heart of Amsterdam. We are part of Ace - a family of leading agencies

Your mission:

At Off The Record we have multiple people working on scaling a business whenever they've achieved product-market fit, and your role would be to the specialist in our top-funnel performance marketing for our awesome clients.

Experience has learned you that by analysing the product and target audience of a business you can create a good working hypothesis on what the best performing marketing mix would be, and you know when working on brand marketing would be worthwhile versus when it's not. As we are a data-driven organisation, you get excited to test and fiercely optimise validated acquisition channels and squeeze out the lowest CAC possible for our clients and have no issues reporting this in clear dashboards or condensed stakeholder reports.

By nature, you prefer to continuously iterate on your marketing strategy contrary to using old-school waterfall planning, but you also know when a long-term roadmap is necessary to get the job done. Not only are you obsessed with Google Ads, Facebook ads and other frequently used advertising platforms, but you also tested the waters of OOH and ATL campaigns which makes you a true channel expert.

Although you love the execution yourself, you are also looking for a challenge to build out your knowledge within our organization and are looking forward to training other folks within Off The Record regarding performance marketing.


Your experience & skills

  • 5+ years of experience as a leader in acquisition marketing at a B2C organization or media agency
  • Responsible for monthly media budgets exceeding €25.000+
  • In-depth knowledge of performance campaign execution with a special focus on programmatic platforms such as the Google and Facebook ecosystem and affiliate networks with a proven track record of successfully executed campaigns
  • Full-funnel focus where you cross-reference marketing performance against activation and retention rates
  • A deep understanding of digital analytics
  • A proven track record regarding optimizing CAC:CTLV ratios
  • Excellent written and oral communication in Dutch and English

This describes you best:

  • You are an extrovert but know when to listen to others
  • When you speak, you're not afraid to present your work to others (founders/CEO's/investors/stakeholders)
  • Setting up campaigns yourself and crunching numbers from reports is what you love to do
  • Hypothesis-driven practitioner and a life-long learner
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to deal with multiple clients/projects during the week and still smile
  • You can keep things internal if needed, a lot of our work for clients is off the record...

In addition to the challenge, why we think you want to work here:

  • You will be part of an inspiring and ambitious group of people
  • We offer accelerated personal growth and career opportunities
  • We offer an attractive compensation package
  • Multiple (international) team-building events and activities. Did someone say Costa del Sol..?
  • All the tech gear you need to get your best work done
  • You'll be part of Ace, the newest and fast-growing agency collective in the Netherlands